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CCTV Ireland

CCTV Ireland

CCTV Ireland

One of the most common fixtures to be found in shops, car parks, pubs and another public place for years have been the CCTV in Ireland. Nowadays, however, the falling prices and easy installation have led to homeowners to get them fixed in their homes as well as a means of security. A recent survey has shown that the sale of home CCTV equipment in Ireland has grown substantially in many city areas of Ireland. The study revealed that only 2% of people have bought the system while 9% told that they were planning to get one for their home. Over 82% of CCTV owners said that they use the system to monitor their small property while those using it inside their home are 50 percent. 

CCTV and privacy

If you plan to install CCTV systems in Ireland for monitoring the outside of your property, you should go with the applicable privacy laws. This requires you to get the system fixed in such a way not to point at public places or houses of gardens of private homes. Before planning to install, it is better to discuss your plans with your neighbours. One way out is to share a system with your neighbour that will come to use for both of the premises while cutting down on costs. 

Wireless home CCTV systems

Present day IP security CCTV systems make use of analogue or digital technology, but are often hampered by interference from routers, microwaves and cordless phones and also getting blocked by heavy masonry or metal objects. 

Outdoor home CCTV cameras

It is important for these cameras installed outside to make them weatherproof, complying to an IP rating of 66. Wireless cameras do not require any wiring, except for the power source cable. It is important to fix the cameras at places where there are least chances of being tampered and is easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning. 

Indoor home CCTV cameras

There are three types of CCTV cameras available, the wired, the wireless and the networked. It is not right to fix wireless cameras within the home without necessary encryption as anybody with the correct receiver and to come with range can pick up the images. The networked type is plugged into the electrical sockets, and they send images to a storage device. 

Storing CCTV images

The home systems are connected to a PC hard drive or digital video recorder (DVR). The software available for PC helps to view the pictures. Particular DVR systems come with the facility to see the pictures. It is important to have a system that stores images in a wide range of format. Some systems help you to see images using a smart phone. 

Night vision

Monochrome CCTV cameras are the best solution in low light, especially when used along with full infrared illumination. One can make use of cameras that will shoot in colour during the day and during night change to monochrome.

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