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24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring 24/7 in Dublin

24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

24/7 Alarm Monitoring in Dublin

Ever thought it was possible to monitor your home 24/7 ? WELL WE CAN. We can offer yo are 24/7 through one of our preferred monitoring providers. They will monitor your property as and when you need it. The monitoring station offer round the clock protection and peace of mind knowing your property is safe. By way of having your alarm professionally installed can allow you access to a range of monitoring services at your fingertips with alarms Dublin.

In the event that an intruder was to gain access to your property when your alarm is armed, or fire starts, your alarm will not be ignored. Having your Security System Monitored professional b monitoring station gives you the comfort and safety of knowing when your Alarm System has been activated.


How Will A Monitored Alarm Work?

With a monitored alarm system, your intruder alarm is connected to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre). The process is designed to respond in a number of ways, one the owner of the property/ key holder and two Garda if and when necessary, they must first received a signal to verify that there is an activation by way of getting two signals notifying them that there is an intruder in the property. The ARC will then make contact with the key holder and or Garda.

Generally if and when required emergency services will only respond to alarm systems that are fitted and meet current standards. This is required by at minimal of 2 detection devices of independent technology must confirm an alarm signal. All signals must then pass via a monitoring station in order for your Unique Reference Number to be passed on to the police control room.


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